Circa 1-14 November 1962
Astrid's studio Hamburg, Germany?
Photographer: Astrid Kirchherr
© K&K/Kirchherr

I haven't been able to determine the exact date and location of these photos. They were shot by Astrid and all indications are it is November 1962 which would likely place them during the trip to Hamburg in early November (possible performance photos represented here) and I would presume it is Astrid's personal studio.

NOTE: photos 7-16are sourced from a poor quality copy of a contact.
While they appear almost identical, they are each a different photo.
However, two of them might be the same as photos 4 and 6.


Typically, I try to "blend" my composite photos.
I chose to leave this one alone.

Typically, I would have cleaned the autographs out of this photo
but chose to leave them. However, I do not know when or where
the autographs originate.

It seems these photos first surfaced in the Dec 13 1963-Jan3 1964
issue of Mersey Beat in an ad placed by Brian Epstein proclaiming
1962 The Beatles' year of achievement.