4 December 1962 - Tuesday
Wembley Studios
Wembley Park Drive
Wembley, Middlesex
Photographer: Mike McCartney

The Beatles' London area television debứt on ITV's Tuesday Rendezvous.

I had originally dated these photos as 17 February 1963 but closer examination reveals that these two photos do not go with the February 1963 set. It took a bit of detective work to determine this date. Here's what we have...

Barring the possibility that these two photos might, themselves, each come from different broadcasts, I'm presuming they are from the same program.

These photos obviously come from two different songs and both are mimed. Circa this era, The Beatles performed two songs on the following programs
(listed by recording date)

17 October 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "Some Other Guy"
Lewisohn seems to indicate that this was a live performance. Since they would not record a studio version (for the BBC) of "Some Other Guy" (to mime to) for over another month and it is unlikely that it was played on acoustics anyway, these photos wouldn't come from this date

29 October 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "A Taste Of Honey"
Lewisohn describes the 29 October 1962 appearance as "a most unusual stage-setting... George and Paul standing... John sat without and instrument... as would a solo singer fronting a support group." Ah ha, we're on the right. track, However... Lewisohn goes on to describe that, for "A Taste Of Honey", they removed their jackets.

3 December 1962 Discs A Go Go
"Love Me Do"
Since only one song was performed, it wouldn't be this date.

4 December 1962 Tuesday Rendezvous.
"Love Me Do" - "P.S. I Love You"
This would fit these photos.

17 December 1962 People And Places
"Love Me Do" - "Twist And Shout"
Hmmm... maybe the second photo is the "unplugged" version of
"Twist And Shout"!

Many thanks to Marcelo Revelo and Mark Jones for their help with this page.
NOTE: There is no "unplugged" version of "Twist And Shout".
My comment was humor.


Love Me Do

P.S. I Love You