1-14 November and/or
18-31 December 1962
Photographers: unknown except
Danny Wall? (photos 6-9)

It's difficult to specifically date these photos. These photo are obviously
four different performances. Gareth Pawloski states and implies that all photos (except b&w photo 4) are from the December sessions.
I suppose it's possible that some of these photos were taken during the
sessions that produced the Star Club recordings.


Inside the club (obviously not The Beatles).

Advertisements on the corner outside the club.

My reference states that this photo was taken in Hamburg which would
place it in this time-frame. I cannot verify this. With Paul and Ringo are
(left) Brian Johnson (drummer with Mark Peters Silhouettes) and (right)
Bobby Cantrell (bassist with Johnny and The Hurricanes). The venue
is undetermined.

This photo was taken at The Star Club and it is believed that is John standing behind the curtain on the right. If it is John, this photo could have been taken either during this time or during the Spring 1962 stint.
(Click the thumb for an enlargement and click here for a close-up of
the person behind the curtain)

Ticket (front)

Ticket (back)

Star Club promo photo