Various dates 1962
Various locations
Photographers: unknown

If I can't date photos to within two to three months, I won't make a
page for them. However, I have a batch of photos that need to go
somewhere. So they end up here.


These three photos were taken at Woolton Golf Course
and that's George's car but I can't zero in on a date.
Photographer? Possibly Dezo Hoffman or Mike McCartney.

The only info I have...
Paul doing his first press interview after a gig in North Wales,
not long before "Love Me Do" was released. The hand and notebook
belong to David Sandison of the Wrexham Leader.
Sandison wrote a book titled The Making Of Please Please Me.

This is at The Tower Ballroom. Probably 1962.

This would have to be March or earlier. Maybe even late 1961.

Entering The Cavern. This looks like it must be autumn sometime.

At The Cavern with Ray McFall.
This looks like it could even date from early 1963.

I have no info at all about these last three photos.

We've all seen this photo. Is this 1962?