Autumn 1962
locations unknown
Photographer(s): unknown
(Several of the photos have no enlargements)

It's difficult to determine any real info about these photos.
For some strange reason, someone chose to apply facial cosmetics
to The Beatles faces for a series of promo photos.
It's unclear if all these photos are from a single setting or not.

Sure not looking too "savage" any more are they?!


The two photos above come from a 1964 issue of 16 Magazine. They were captioned "One of the boys' first interviews after
"Love Me Do" became a hit was with Dawn Adams of Mirabelle." I can't seem to find any reference to this interview.
In the right-hand photo above, it looks like John has the eye make-up on.

In the promo photos below, they obviously have make-up on.
Might it be possible these are all the same date as the Dawn Adams interview.

This one is less obvious but, to me,
it looks like he has lipstick and eyeliner on.