Originally, this site intended to feature only through January 1963.
The decision was later made to extend the date little. The extention will take the site to May/June 1963. At that point, several factors were in place that would qualify The Beatles as iconic which was how the world would begin to know them.

By that time, the famous Beatles "dropped-T" logo had been designed. George purchased his Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar, Ringo had his popular Ludwig drums and the band now had their new Vox amps. Their instruments would become as much of their image as they, themselves, would. Their hair was all the same length and became the "Beatle cut". Finally, they first donned their famous collarless suits.

Recorded 26 November 1962, the single "Please Please Me" b/w "Ask Me Why" was released on 11 January 1963. In February, the single reached the top of the charts. The days of the savage young Beatles were nearing the end. The struggling was over and unlimited possibilities lie ahead for the band. Fame had been lurking around the corner for several months but now it was here.

January 1963
The Cavern Club, Liverpool

10 January 1963
The Grafton Rooms, Liverpool

12 January 1963
Invicta Ballroom

13 January 1963
Alpha Television Studios, Warwickshire

16 January 1963
Granada TV Centre, Manchester

16 January 1963
The Playhouse Theatre, Manchester

21 January 1963
E.M.I. House

22 January 1963

The Playhouse Theatre, Manchester
Paris Studio, London

24 January 1963
NEMS Record Store, Liverpool

late January 1963
The Cavern Club, Liverpool

10 February 1963
Sloan Square, London

11 February 1963
E.M.I. Studios, London

12 February 1963
Azena Ballroom, Yorkshire

12 February 1963
Astoria Ballroom, Lancashire

17 February 1963
Teddington Studio Center, Middlesex

19 February 1963
The Cavern Club etc., Liverpool

5 March 1963

E.M.I. Studios, London

8 March 1963
The Royal Hall, Harrogate

late March 1963
location unknown

24 March 1963
Liverpool Empire, Liverpool

25 March 1963
Various Liverpool locations

4 April 1963
Roxburgh Hall, Buckinghamshire

5 April 1963
E.M.I. House, London

10 April 1963
The Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead

14 April 1963
Teddington Studio Center, Middlesex

18 April 1963
The Royal Albert Hall, London

21 April 1963
Empire Pool, Wembley

21 April 1963
Pigalle Club, London

24 April 1963
Majestic Ballroom, Finsbury Park

26 April 1963
Music Hall, Shrewsbury

11 May 1963
Imperial Ballroom, Nelson

12 May 1963
Alpha Television Studios, Warwickshire

17 May 1963
Grosvenor Rooms, Norwich

4 June 1963
Town Hall, Birmingham

Dezo Hoffman session

Late 1963
Concert Reference Guide

Astrid leads the queue outside The Cavern.
Photographer: Max Scheler

Brian proudly displaying the boys' first album.

Mid 1963 concert program.