January 1963
The Cavern
Photographer: Les Chadwick

I'm using this date because Lewisohn says photo 2 is January 1963.
However, he also places photo 1 in a 1962 section of his book.
In any case, Ringo still has his original drum logo which was changed
in late January. Ringo's hair has grown considerably so this is surely
well into his tenure with the band.

The photos here might, in fact be from different dates.
See below for a list of January 1963 Cavern dates.

January 1963 Cavern dates:

11 January 1963
17 January 1963
20 January 1963
23 January 1963
30 January 1963
31 January 1963

Recent research has led me to believe that this is not January 1963
and, in fact, probably dates from late 1962.