16 January 1963 - Wednesday
Granada TV Centre
Photographer: unknown

I'm taking a wild guess on this photo. It's assumed this is a rehearsal
for a television appearance. Because they are some distance from the microphone, I would assume that they are miming. Ringo's blank drum
head, would place it in January 1963. One source dates this as the 17 October 1962 edition of People And Places but Ringo's drum head proves otherwise.

It has to date after 12 January 1963 (the last imaged date for the
'Ringo Starr' drum logo) and before 17 February (the first imaged date
for The Beatles 'bug' drum logo.

Within this time, The Beatles appeared on the following television shows.
(all performances were mimed)

13 January - Thank Your Lucky Stars
(the performance seen here)

16 January - People And Places

17 February - Thank Your Lucky Stars
(the earliest images of the 'bug' logo drum head
the performance seen here)

Since the stage set matches neither episodes of Thank Your Lucky
this must be the 16 January People And Places .

The Beatles performed "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why".