probably 30-31 January 1963
The Cavern
Photographer: Mike McCartney

These photos might date from two separate sessions
but here's what we've got.

Andy Babiuk, in Beatles Gear, dates these photos as January 1963.
He also states that it was in January 1963 when Ringo changed his drum logo.

George is playing a borrowed Gretsch Jet Fire Bird instead of his Duo Jet.
This guitar is seen in photos taken at E.M.I. House on 21 January 1963.

Mark Lewisohn, in The Complete Beatles Chronicle, states that John and Paul began writing "Misery" on 26 January 1963.

In his book The True Story Of The Beatles (June 1964),
Billy Sheperd captions...
photo #1 (right) "...busy putting yet another tune on to tape".
photo #2 "...taping "Misery" at the Cavern".
photo #3 "George...listens to a playback of one of John and Paul's tunes..."

The Beatles played The Cavern on 30 and 31 January 1963.

In one publication, Mike McCartney date these photos as 1962 but
that cannot be accurate.

An alternate enlargement can be seen - here


This photo is unique in that it shows Ringo's blank drum head in the
interim between his "Ringo Starr" logo and the first Beatles "bug" logo.

Note the Grundig recorder in the foreground.

January 1963 Cavern dates:

11 January 1963
17 January 1963
20 January 1963
23 January 1963
30 January 1963
31 January 1963

There is no indication just how long George used the Jet Fire Bird
so these photo could have been taken on most any of the January
dates but, because of the "Misery" reference, I'm inclined to go with
the January 30-31 dates.