5 March 1963

E.M.I.  House
Manchester Square

On the street
Montague Place

E.M.I. Studios
Abbey Road NW8

Photographer: John Dove
(The photographer seen in some of the photos is not Dove and is unidentified)

On this day, The Beatles were in London to record their next single. Before the afternoon and evening sessions at E.M.I. Studios, they gathered at E.M.I. House with Brian, George Martin and music publisher Dick James in order to have photos take by E.M.I. staff photographer, John Dove for potential use as the cover of their upcoming LP.

Having driven to London overnight, they changed into suits. Photos were first taken on the stairwell outside E.M.I. House and around a parking meter in Montague Place. Then, they headed to E.M.I. Studios and had photos taken on the front steps of the Abbey Road studios.


George Martin, Dick James and Brian Epstein probably
discussing The Beatles future plans.

Finally, at E.M.I. Studios, The Beatles and George Martin paused for
some afternoon tea in the studio canteen before proceding with the
recording session.