25 March 1963 - Monday
The Cavern
Matthew Street, Liverpool
Photographer: Dezo Hoffman

On this day, Dezo Hoffman photographed The Beatles in several locations throughout Liverpool. I cannot specifically determine the sequence of these locations but it appears as though The Cavern was the first stop then on to Horne Brothers Barbershop, Allerton Golf Course and finally Paul's home on Forthlin Road.

Asisde from producing many famous photos, this day was
significant for two reason. Both focus on Ringo.

The was the day that Ringo got his first true "Beatles haircut". For
the previous seven months, while letting his hair grow a little, he had
simply combed his 1950s hairstyle forward in a rather odd Beatle-esque
manner. This was the day that the famous Beatle haircut became
universal within the band.

Horne Brothers Barbershop

Allerton Golf Course

Forthlin Road

Also on this day, Dezo Hoffman brought along is personal movie camera.
Several film clips were shot this day creating the first color films of The
Beatles with Ringo.

The films circulate in collectors' circles. Does anyone have them in
mpg format and would be willing to contribut them to The Savage
Young Beatles. If so, please contact me at beatlesource@yahoo.com.