17 May 1963
Grosvenor Rooms
Prince Of Wales Road
Norwich, Norfolk
Photographer: Peter Hull

These photos are a BeatleSource exclusive gratiously provided by the photographer Peter Hull. More photos coming soon.

Peter Hull writes:

I took colour pics of them that night, the pics have never ' been seen '
they are not very exciting, but if you think you can use them as you
expand your site into 1963 I'll gladly email you copies.

Incidentally, when we came out of the Grosvenor ballroom Norwich
after seeing the Beatles I asked a mate of mine " What did you think of
them? " I have always thought that his reply would have been a great
title for a Beatles book, " If I had been a girl I would have screamed ! "

In May 2003, the local paper here did a HUGE feature on that night as it
was ' 40 years ago today '......... where do the years go ? anyway I
thought I was the only person taking photographs that night, but there
were a couple of other pics in the paper, plus interviews with the
promoters, support band, and fans, it seems that after the gig they went
over the road from the dancehall and joined the queue for fish & chips,
they wouldn't have been able to do that a few months later.

NOTE: does anyone have the newspaper images that Peter references?


Some tickets autographed this night.