Late 1963
Concert Quick-Reference Guide

It is planned to continue The Savage Young Beatles through to
the end of 1963. However, this will focus only, as was the original
intention of the site, on "performances".

This page is simply both a preview and a quick-reference to date and
venue of The Beatles' concert performances through the rest of 1963.

For 1963 television appearances, see here

Radio appearances will be forthcoming.

What this page is NOT...

At this point, unlike the rest of The Savage Young Beatles...

- Photographers are not named. That will be added later.
- There are no enlargement links.
- These are not all the photos I have but all dates are represented
- These are not intended to be the best quality or most complete photos
- The layout is not as concise as the rest of this site

MANY thanks to Marcelo Ravello for his considerable help with this page.
An additional thanks to Jules, Grinch, Murray15 and Trini.


Late 1963 concert program.

June 14
The Tower Ballroom, New Brighton

June 22
Town Hall Ballroom, Wales

Late June or Early July?
This photo appeared in the July 18 - Aug 1, 1963 issue of Mersey Beat.

July 8-13
Winter Gardens, Margate

July 19
Ritz Ballroom, North Wales

Possibly from this same date. My source dated it August 22
which seems unlikely.

August 2
Grafton Rooms, Liverpool

August 5
Abbotsfield Park, Lancashire

August 6-7
Springfield Ballroom, Jersey

August 8
Candie Gardens, Guernsey
Obviously, just a backstage shot.

July 7, 14 or Aug 11
ABC Cinema, Blackpool
I'd guess it to be August 11. John was using exclusively his Jumbo during
June and July, since he received his 325 from Burns on July 29, while they
were in London, just in time to record some songs for With The Beatles
on the next day.

August 14
Odeon Cinema, Landudno

August 19-24
Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth

August 22
Placed here merely as a reference point for the album photo.

August 25
ABC Theatre, Blackpool
Clearly, this is a composite of three different photos

September 15
Royal Albert Hall, London

October 15
Floral Hall, Southport

This concert was filmed and, until recently, was dated
August 25 at Blackpool.

October 19
Pavillion Gardens, Buxton

October 24
Stockholm, Sweden
This IS Sweden but the date is a guess based on the microphones.
They appear to be the type used for radio which would seem to
indicate this was the performance for The Beatles pupgrupp från
Liverpool på besök i Stockholm
radio program.

October 25
Karlstad, Sweden

OK... so now, where is that film?

October 26
Kungliga Tennishallen, Stockholm, Sweden
The Beatles performed two shows on this date.
These photos appear to be from both shows.

October 27
Cirkus, Göteborg, Sweden

A brief portion of this performance circulates from film.

October 28
Boråshallen, Borås, Sweden

October 29
Sporthallen, Eskilstuna, Sweden

November 1
Odeon Cinema, Cheltanham

Portions of this concert were filmed and, until recently,
was dated June 30 at Great Yarmouth.

November 6
ABC Cinema, North Hampton

To me, that microphone looks like one used by radio stations.
Is it possible this was broadcast or recorded?

November 7
Adelphi Cinema, Dublin

A portion of this show survives on film.

November 9
Granada Cinema, London

November 13
ABC Cinema, Plymouth
A film of this performance also exists.

November 16
Winter Gardens, Bournemouth

November 19
Gaumont Cinema, Wolverhampton

November 20
ABC Cinema, Manchester

A portion of this show was filmed in color for a newsreel.

November 30
Empire Theatre, Sunderland
A photo op before the show, but I can't figure out who's drums those are.

December 2
Grosvenor House Hotel, London

December 7
The Empire Theatre, Liverpool

December 14
Wimbledon Palais, London

December 21
Gaumont Cinema, Bradford

December 24-31
Astoria Cinema, London