While I used a variety of resources and references for various tid-bits of information, this site simply would not have been possible without the books seen here.
We all know Mark Lewisohn's contribution to The Beatles' history but one book here stands out as an exceptional resource which clarifies many mysteries and misconceptions.
The book is "Beatles gear" by Andy Babiuk. I am indebted to Mr. Babiuk for providing many of the specifics that I feature here.
Without his book, this site would feature many question marks (?s).

Mark Lewisohn

The Beatles Live
Mark Lewisohn

The Beatles Chronicle
Andy Babiuk

Beatles gear
Gareth Pawloski

How They Became
The Beatles
The Beatles

Mersey Beat

Mersey Beat:
The Beginnings of
The Beatles
From Cavern To Star Club

Hans Olof Gottfridsson

Roag Best w/Rory & Pete Best

The True Beginnings
Pete Best, Patrick Doncaster

The Pete Best Story
Mike McCartney

The Macs
Hunter Davies

The Quarrymen
Sam Leach

Birth Of The Beatles
Pete Best, Geoff Wonfor

Best Of The Beatles (DVD)

Jörg Pieper & Volker Path

Film & TV Chronicle
Hunter Davies

The Beatles
Hunter Davies

The Beatles
Phillip Norman
16 Magazine

vintage 1964-1965 issues
Billy Shepherd

The True Story Of The Beatles