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November 30
added a contemporary photo of The Casbah - here
added a contemporary photo of The Casbah and upgraded photos # 1 and 7 - here

November 11
updated info for the 6 July 1962 Royal Iris riverboat photo set - here

November 5
added a new date, 17 October 1962, The Beatles' television début - here
added stuff to, reorganized and updated many 1963 pages (too many to list) see them - here

November 4
corrected a date error on the 31 January 1963 Majestic Ballroom set - the date is actually 10 April 1963 - see it - here

November 1
updated info for and added a :28 second video clip from 20 February 1962 at Floral Hall - here
added a complete, albiet poor, image of photo 6 to the April 1961, Gerd Mingram, Top Ten Club set - here
added a larger crop of photo 4 to the 8 December 1962 Cavern set - here
added info, a larger crop of photo 1, and an upgraded copy of photo 12 to set 3 of the Spring 1962 Star Club set - here
added an additional photo to the 22 January 1963 BBC set - here

October 17
added an upgrade of photo 3 to 22 June 1957, Roseberry Street - here

October 10
added a new date (late June 1962, The Cavern) with a one-of-a-kind photo - here

October 9
Happy Birthday, John

October 3
added a page for the 26 November 1962 E.M.I. session with the stereo mixes of "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why" - here

October 2
added a specific page for the Tony Sheridan June 1961 recordings with record photos - here
added a page with audio for the 1 January 1962 Decca audition session - here

September 29
completed the 31 January 1963 page - here

September 28
finished the January 1963 Cavern rehearsals - here

September 17
Finished the 22 August 1962 Cavern rehearsal page - here
Added a video file of "Some Other Guy" to the 22 August 1962 page - here
Added a fully cropped of the "Paul in the garden" photo on the "Pre 1957" page - here

September 16
Added a page for 7 March 1962 with audio of The Beatles from the BBC - here
Added a page for 25 October 1962 with audio of The Beatles from the BBC - here
Added a page for 27 October 1962 with audio of The Beatles first radio interview - here

September 15
Added audio to several pages in 1960, 1961 and 1962. Too many to list here. Look for the speaker
icon. There is more to come with some in 1963.

September 13
Well, I finally got this project on-line. I hope you will find this gallery oriented site interesting. See the Notes page for an explanation of what to expect here. There are still several pages that are "under construction" but those will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned to this page for notices of additions.