Fred Robbins Interviews


Two double-sided 12" discs
Knickerbocker Sound Studios Inc.
Each side with DJ Fred Robbins' interview with individual member of the group, typewritten recording details

Conducted in 1965 while the Beatles were filming `Help!' in the Bahamas, these have never been broadcast in their entirety but extracts are believed to have been released through the US Armed Forces Radio Services Network. The content includes:

John - running time approx. 18 minutes - song writing, Northern Songs, his books, Beatlemania, hairstyles, religion

Paul - approx. 13 minutes - flotation of Northern Songs on the Stock Market, journalists, Jane Asher, marriage, Beatlemania

George - approx. 15 minutes - tastes in food and clothes, his prospective marriage, Ringo's marriage, teenage adulation

Ringo - approx. 20 minutes - making of the film, marriage to Maureen, songs for the film, Beatlemania

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Beatles Interview Fred Robbins unreleased Acetate 1965

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Here are two acetate recordings of the Beatles. They are of interviews with Fred Robbins in Nassau in the Bahamas in 1965 during the filming of HELP! (Or the Beatles No2 picture as it was known).I understand these interviews have not been released to the public with the exception of a small section of the John Lennon interview. This went out to US forces as a radio broadcast in Vietnam.
I am gauging the general date, as Ringo mentions being married to Maureen for only a month. (Ringo married Maureen 11th Feb 1965). These are nice interviews, friendly and very natural. It was a privilege to hear them. I played them once and taped them. They come in a paper sleeve.

Each one has heading: Knickerbocker Sound Studios inc 146 West 47th street New York 36, N Y. Phone LT1-9270. Fred Robbins Interviews, (name of Beatle) 33 1/3.

The acetates are nearly 40 years old. There are some marks on them of course and I'll deal with the content of each one in turn. I'm not writing word for word only the general of the discussion. Each interview is approx 15 mins

Initially some crackles, perhaps a couple of minutes and two small half word jumps. Plays better as the recording goes on. Friendly at home interview with Fred Robbins who had interviewed the Beatles before, Ringo talks about his recent wedding and it's reaction. Above the wind in the background you can hear Paul singing 'It's my party'. He talks about the band, the fans, his first and second cars. Would Beatle mania end? And the Beatle number two picture, as then unnamed. There is a break for a song disappointingly omitted from the disc.

Describing the set as a 700 acre island lent to them, George talks about the changes in the lives of the Beatles, these being gradual and not so shocking. Ringo's wedding gets a mention and describes himself as knowing Patti for 12 months so not ready yet. There is a later interview with Fred ( I think) for Radio Luxemburg. The Beatle haircut and Beatles wages being talked of. Again a little crackle or two at the beginning but better as the track goes on.

This is perhaps the disc with most sound faults, there are 3 small part word jumps but later in the track the quality gets better. There are some marks on the disc. Paul talks of Northern songs and the London Stock Exchange. He talks about writing songs , the relationship with the press and marriage. Who to? According to Dorothy Killgallon Paul has been married to Jane Asher for a year!. The Beatles musical is also mentioned.

This side of the disc looks like the poorest one, however this plays better than the others, no jumps this time. John really works the oracle. Described as the 'Beatle that bites' John discusses everything from the band to religion and the future for northern songs. He talks of writing with Paul. Fred asks him about his book, A Spaniard in the works. The future of Beatle concerts is mentioned along with Johns dislike of the 'social side' of the Beatles. This is a superb interview.

When I got these acetates, I wondered of their quality, I had not heard them 'live'. Acetates can only be played a limited number of times. I have played them and they are as described above. I'm pleased with them. You can be pleased with them, as a Beatle fan you can hear the same as I have for the first time ever. Listen, tape and put away.

I've done my best to give you enough info. Mail with questions. Can't do much with the pics. Serious bidders only please. There will be insurance to pay on top of the post etc. If you doubt anything I have written or described do not bid. If you have negatives do not bid.