"Step Inside Love" Demo Session

It's Only Rock n Roll December 2005

Paul McCartney/Cilla Black
"Step Inside Love" Demo Session Tape

1968. Recorded in early 1968, the 24 minute tape was made while Paul, accompanying himself on guitar, teaches Cilla a song he has just written for her upcoming "Cilla" television special...'Step Inside Love'. At the outset, it is obvious that Cilla has just heard the song for the first time at this learning session. And what a quick study she is! Within minutes she has the 'hook' mastered, and is fine tuning the inflections necessary to interpret the lyrics. Paul is heard throughout, and eventually, as the session progresses, a piano is heard (possibly George Martin.) One can occasionally hear a motor noise in the background. This is a camera that was filming bits and pieces of the session for later use in a promotional film. The final tryout is a piano and guitar demo, nowhere near the fully orchestrated version that was released in May of '68.

This learning session is truly remarkable as it gives insight into the crafting of a song from inception to the fine nuances that are added as the session progresses on its way to fruition.

This one of a kind reel was acquired from Beatles roadie and personal assistant, Mal Evans, in the early 1970's. Since that time it has never been circulated, never bootlegged, nor have copies been dubbed from this historic 1968 studio session (with the exception of a reference cassette recently made for preview purposes so the contents could be properly described for our catalog.) The 1/4" reel to reel audio tape at 7 1/2" ips, on a small plastic 5 1/2" reel, is stored in a unique plastic EMI storage box. No copyright or ownership is given or implied. This tape is being offered strictly as a collector's item only!