These are just a handful of odd mixes and edits that I've put together for one reason or another.
Similar ones have appeared elsewhere but these are unique

Watching Rainbows
14 January 1969 - This is a complete edit of all available excerpts found on Nagra reels 145A, 146A and the 0:25 excerpt found only a CBC radio broadcast. My theory about the CBC tape is that it's probably cut from the beginning of Nagra reel 125B since that reel is only 7:49 in length.

I've Got A Feeling (DDSI 27.84)
27 January 1969 - Glyn Johns recorded this performance EMI reel E90500 and mixed it on reel E69742. His mix has been available for years. However, it's only available in mono. None of the Nagra reels caught the complete song. I have synced the segments from Nagra reels 1110B and 1111B to the mono copy of Glyn's mix to create a stereo recording.

Oh! Darling
On 20 April 1969, The Beatles gathered at Abbey Road to lay down the basic instrumental tracks. Over a few days in late July 1969 (possibly 17, 18 or 22), Paul came to the studio early to practice is vocals. A recording survives of one of his rehearsals. This recording is only Paul's vocals. John Winn logically speculates that the tape comes from the echo machine which is evident on the recording. In any case, it doesn't appear to be from the EMI archives.

Most of the ten minute recording is merely Paul randomly vocalizing to the echo effect. But, at one point, it's clear that he's singing along to the instrumental backing track.

I've oopsed the released Abbey Road track which eliminated the vocals. Then, synced it to one of Paul's rehearsals.

Hear it here - DOWNLOAD

While some folks doubt it, I'm of the belief that during other portions of the rehearsal, Paul was hearing the backing track and, although he wasn't singing "Oh! Darling", he was vocalizing to the music. I've done an additional mix utilizing one of the other vocal parts.

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