8 December 1961 - Friday
The Tower Ballroom
Photographer: Dick Matthews

Initially, with the exception of the photo with Davy Jones, I had placed these photos as 26 December 1961. The reason was because of the posters seen in photos 1 and 2. Also, the Anthology book features photo 1 along with a color image of the poster with the implication that this set was 26 December.

In addtion, I had placed the Davy Jones set seen here on this date but earlier on this date, The Beatles also performed a set with Davy at The Cavern (seen here). In the Cavern set, The Beatles are wearing full leather as in this set. This would seem to indicate the same day. In the other Jones set they are wearing their leather jackets.

In general, the rest of the photos would also appear to be the same date as this Jones photo. The camera angle is the same and there is also a chair seen on the stage in all the photos.