4 September 1962 - Tuesday
E.M.I. Studios
Abbey Road NW8
Photographer: Dezo Hoffmann

This was The Beatles second E.M.I. recording session and Ringo's first.
Actually, it was The Beatles' first REAL sesion. The first session on
6 June 1962 was essentially just an audition.

The session began with rehearsals for a potential single as well as an
audition for Ringo (this was the first time George Martin had met him).
These photos were likely taken during the rehearsals.

Actual recording took place during the evening. This session produced
the A-side of their debut single, "Love Me Do" (the Ringo version) and
"How Do You Do It" which remained unreleased until 1995 on Anthology 1.

The Anthology version is edited. Here is the original unadulterated version.
"How Do You Do It"