circa 1961
Photographers: unknown

I suspect any of these photos could actually have
been taken as late as 1962

It has been suggested that this is Hamburg. Because of Paul's bass,
it must date during or after the early 1961 Hamburg trip.


This is a photo which really puzzles me. The only sort of info I have is
that the drums had been around since The Quarry Men days. I have
also seen the photo dated as 1960 but I'm inclined to think it dates from
1961. A photo of Paul with these drums can be seen in some photos
taken at Forthlin in September 1962.

I suspect this is the Harrison home. Because George has his Duo Jet,
the photo has to date after July 1961. I'm inclined to think this is around
July and George is showing off his new Gretsch along with the rest of
his guitars. This is probably the first of many photos taken throughout
his life of George surrounded by his guitars.

Pete has confirmed that this photo was taken in Liverpool. However,
he didn't provide venue info. The only Liverpool venues that I'm aware of
which have curtains behind the stage are The Jive hive and St. john's Hall.
But this could be anywhere. To me, it actually looks like The Top Ten Club.

See an alternate copy of this photo - here

I have absolutely no clue about these two photoa. There is a
wall at Paul's Forthlin Road home with faux stone but I don't think
this is Forthlin. The photo to the left appeared in a program for their
performance 15 October 1961 at the Albany Cinema. This doesn't
look anything like The Top Ten Club in Hamburg. So, because of Paul's
Hofner, these photos have to date sometime after returning from
Hamburg (2 July) and 15 October.

This photo is featured in the Anthology book with the implicatiion that it
was taken at Vi Caldwell's home (Rory's mum) late night after a gig.
However, it's featured on a page that shows other photos that were
taken at Joan McVoy's home in March 1962 (also with the implication
that they are at Vi Caldwell's). This photo is not from the 1962 date.

My source implies this photo might have been taken by King Size Taylor
on 17 March 1962. Taylor might have taken the shot and it could be 1962
but it sure doesn't look like the 17 March date.